Monday, February 16, 2009

Proposal: Call to Arms

A plausible method of summarising combat for High Command to view at their leisure has finally been created. Expect complications in the form of additional unnecessary statistics, descriptions and paperwork to follow shortly.

Reporting, Devenger.

(Reached quorum, 12-0.)

Adminned at 17 Feb 2009 14:35:23 UTC

[ Taking a shot at some basic combat rules. ]

In Rule 2.1 (Skirmishes), replace “Inside the Skirmish Post the General shall include the number of Enemy Combatants, the Enemy Armour Class (EAC) of the Skirmish, and the Enemy Damage Rating (EDR) of the Skirmish being created. When a Skirmish is created, that Skirmish is active.” with:-

Inside the Skirmish Post the General shall list each of the Enemy Combatants, including their initial Health and Damage scores. When a Skirmish is created, that Skirmish is active.

Add a new subrule (as 2.1.1, moving the existing 2.1.1 to 2.1.2), called “Combat”:-

Any Soldier who is a Friendly Combatant in a Skirmish may declare an attack on a specific Enemy Combatant in that same Skirmish, using a specific Weapon they have in their holster, the ammo rating of which must be equal or less than the Ammo of the Soldier. To execute the attack, the Soldier reduces their own Ammo by the ammo rating of their Weapon, and rolls DICEX in the GNDT, where X is the damage rating of that weapon.

The Health of the chosen Enemy Combatant is reduced by the result of this die roll, and the Soldier must post a comment to the Skirmish post announcing the change to the Enemy Combatant’s Health (and any other effects their weapon may have had).

If the chosen Enemy Combatant’s Health is still above zero after this, the enemy immediately returns fire. The Soldier must roll DICEX in the GNDT, where X is the Damage score of the Enemy Combatant - the Soldier loses Health equal to the result of this roll.

If an Enemy Combatant’s Health is at zero or below, that Enemy Combatant is dead. If all Enemy Combatants for a particular Skirmish are dead, then the Skirmish ceases to be active.

Add a new subrule to Rule 2.9.2 (Martial Law), called “Desertion”:-

It is a breach of martial law if, twenty minutes after making a combat die roll, the Soldier who made it has not also made a return-fire roll.


Wooden Squid:

02-16-2009 17:40:43 UTC

for looks great to me


02-16-2009 17:46:16 UTC

for I like it.


02-16-2009 18:10:07 UTC

imperial wait wait wait wait… breaching martial law no longer holds serious penalties. So surely people could just opt to never do a return-fire roll?


02-16-2009 18:17:12 UTC



02-16-2009 18:29:51 UTC



02-16-2009 18:29:52 UTC

for it says you ‘must’ do it anyway, so not doing it would be not obeying the Ruleset and worthy of CfJing, etc. anyway, surely…


02-16-2009 18:34:08 UTC

I would like to point out though, that I would like to see some revisions to this system that bring in some more complex ideas and strategy, not simply luck.


02-16-2009 18:45:21 UTC

Things I’d want to see in revisions (that I might try nd make if this looks set to pass):

- Limits to firing per day.
- Number of Shots (would have done this in )
- A margin, perhaps represented by Armour, under which Soldiers/Enemies don’t get hit (so we have a chance of missing, and a chance of not getting hit)
- not being able to fire when Dead.
- something I have forgotten


02-17-2009 00:29:08 UTC



02-17-2009 03:46:44 UTC



02-17-2009 04:43:18 UTC

for I believe the main addition to this would be armor. Otherwise, I think it is fine as it is.

Let’s go to kick ass already, dammit!


02-17-2009 11:33:32 UTC



02-17-2009 16:11:44 UTC

imperial  I just woke up, I’ll read through all these proposals later…