Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Story Post: Case 30: Bananasoft v. Elizabeth

In this Defamation case, Bananasoft is accusing Elizabeth of going to the press and violating a gag order related to the Bloggsball incident litigated in cases 19 and 20.



08-01-2019 04:48:33 UTC

Your Honor, this copy of Ms. Chamberlain’s opinion piece in “The Daily Times Post Herald” is a clear violation of the gag order in question. Especially egregious is her publication of Banasoft’s playbook, which puts our team at a disadvantage in future potluck festivities.


11-01-2019 02:38:57 UTC

Yes, this violation is clear, and the damages to the team spirit are high enough that the only fair fine could be $349,344. This case is closed. Bananasoft is the winner.