Friday, January 11, 2019

Story Post: Case 33: Goldberg Technology v. Benjamin

In this Personal Injury case, Goldberg Technology is accusing Benjamin Chamberlain of engaging in a fist-fight with some Goldberg executives outside their offices.



11-01-2019 05:53:05 UTC

for Your honor, the facts clearly show that on that night, Benjamin was actually at the X Express offices engaging in a fistfight with their executives. You must realize that this is a completely unrelated crime and therefore is not punishable in this court.


12-01-2019 12:49:57 UTC

Hm, that appears to be the case. While the court certainly doesn’t approve of this other fistfight, it does exonerate Benjamin in this altercation. Benjamin is the winner; the fine is $0. This case is now closed.