Saturday, November 20, 2010

Casting Cartomancy

I’ve got my deck of carts, some pickled toad’s liver, and the eyes of the legendary Nomich player Devan Von Feurschneed (don’t ask where I got them from). Now all I need is some of my fellow Bandersnatch students to arrive and assist me. I’ll just play some solitaire while I wait.



20-11-2010 18:20:52 UTC

for  Helping out my Bandersnatch brutha.


20-11-2010 19:35:11 UTC

against Die!


20-11-2010 22:04:36 UTC

I don’t see where the current ruleset provides you a way to interfere. Sorry Darth


21-11-2010 15:35:28 UTC

Looks like the spell completes: 2 from me, 2 from Mac, and 1 from No-Face who specializes in Div and is assigned to our dorm, for a total spell power of 5. Cartomancy 5 enchantment gained.