Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Catching up

This dynasty looks interesting. I’ll try to catch up and join. I’m still recovering from winning NaNoWriMo (Write 50,000 words in the 30 days on November). Don’t unidle me yet. I just wanted to say hi and post some ‘yay me!’ for finishing NanoWriMo {:0p It’s good to see Blognomic still running.



03-12-2008 06:33:39 UTC

Congradulations finishing NaNo. (Oh, and in case you haven’t gone through the archive, I’m new.)

Darknight: he/him

03-12-2008 07:45:37 UTC

congrats bean


03-12-2008 08:26:44 UTC

Congratulations! I was going to start that, but my laptop broke on the 1st of November and took a week to fix, which put me too far behind….


03-12-2008 12:59:15 UTC

Too far behind? I did 10k on the final Saturday and Sunday. {:0D


03-12-2008 17:34:45 UTC

Ok, it made me less motivated…


03-12-2008 21:07:20 UTC

Well, since you just finished writing a novel, it looks like you might be just the right person for this dynasty. :)


03-12-2008 21:28:23 UTC

Well done, Chivalrybean!

arthexis: he/him

04-12-2008 01:54:34 UTC