Thursday, September 01, 2016

Proposal: Combat, version the millionth

Timed out 3 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 03 Sep 2016 06:08:33 UTC

Add a new rule, “Combat”

A Hunter may engage in Combat if an NHC (A non-Hunter ship not controlled by a human, except the Pirate) or Hunter Attacks them. An Attack may only be made where a rule clearly states as much. Upon any Hunter being engaged in Combat, the first Hunter to notice (the “Noticing Hunter) may, once, carry out the Fight. A Fight consists of the following steps, in order:
1. The noticing Hunter must multiply the Attacked Hunter’s Ship’s Cannon by 4, then subtract DICE4. Save the result (the Attacked Hunter’s “ValueA”).
2. The Noticing Hunter must multiply the NHC/Hunter that made the Attack (The Attacker)‘s Cannon by 4, then subtract DICE5. Save the result (The Attacker’s “ValueB”).
3. Compare the ValueA and ValueB. If ValueA is greater or equal to ValueB, the Attacked Hunter Wins the Fight. If ValueB is greater, the Attacker Wins the fight.
If an entity that was Engaged in a Fight has not Won said fight, they are said to have Lost.
All rules that may cause an Attack to be able to occur should be appended as Subrules to this Rule.

Leaving combat open, so people can make NPC battles. I hope this works…



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09-01-2016 14:27:35 UTC

against Not really feeling a need for more dice.


09-03-2016 02:24:42 UTC