Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Concept discussion: Non-Wish gameplay

I think that this dynasty is only likely to work properly if it has some sort of non-Wish gameplay; wishes are all very well, but we’re unlikely to get interesting results unless we have some separate gameplay for the wishes to screw with. Do people agree with me on this? If so, what sort of gameplay should be added?


Ienpw III:

12-15-2009 22:14:07 UTC

As soon as I get a slot, I’ve got a proposal.


12-15-2009 22:21:23 UTC

I think a few stats could be enough, if wishes became complicated enough. I like the idea that we could quickly move out of the range of feasible day-to-day activities, and start fighting one another by making bigger and more carefully-crafted wishes - if we’re throwing around millions of dollars of gold bullion, and sinking continents into the sea, then the non-Wish “I go to my day job and cash a $1,000 paycheque” gameplay will be so vanishingly small that it’s indistinguishable from not having the mechanic.

There is some mileage in allowing a heads-down, slow-and-steady route to victory (keep pace by working hard, and save up your wishes for the endgame), but I don’t think it’s essential.


12-15-2009 23:07:02 UTC

I like the idea of sinking continents.

Darth Cliche‘s Power = 0 (was 18)
(Sinking Europe)

Ienpw III:

12-15-2009 23:20:12 UTC

Ienpw III‘s Power = 18 (was 0)
(Sinking Europe)


12-15-2009 23:46:14 UTC

I’m on board. Dibs on Australia!!


12-16-2009 00:37:46 UTC

Wakukee‘s power = 0 (was ∞)
(Installing Internet 2.0…)


12-16-2009 02:54:07 UTC

Darth Cliche‘s Power = 0 (was 18)
(Sinking Afro-Eurasia)

Ienpw III:

12-16-2009 03:24:43 UTC

I divided by 0. I destroyed the universe.


12-16-2009 03:27:47 UTC

Wakukee‘s Wishes = 0 (was 1)
(Rebooting Universe…)


12-16-2009 03:36:12 UTC

If we were to have some not-directly-wish-related gameplay, some kind of political maneuvering leaps to mind.  Arabic courtiers with backstabbing intrigue being more or less a Thing, and since we’ve already got a Power metric that might fit…


12-16-2009 04:22:10 UTC