Thursday, February 16, 2012

Proposal: Cover Show

5-1. Times out. ~~ChronosPhaenon

Adminned at 18 Feb 2012 10:25:49 UTC

In rule “Fame”, move the text which starts with “If there is not currently a pending Tour posted” and go to the end of that rule into a sub-rule named “Tour”.

If proposal has passed, move the last paragraph of the sub-rule “Tour” so it becomes the last paragraph of the rule “In the Band”, before that rule’s sub-rules.

Move the rule “Jam Session” so it becomes a sub-rule to rule “Fame”.

In rule “Fame”, create a sub-rule named “Cover Show” which reads:

If there is not currently a pending Cover Show posted, and if none of the Cover Show made in the past 7 days (if any were made) were started while the Band Members were the same set of Musicians as they are now, then any Hanger On may start a Cover Show by making a Story Post with the title “Cover Show”. The Cover Show is considered pending until the set of Band Members changes (either by a Musician switching from Band Member to Hanger On or vice versa or by a Band Member going idle) or until it is resolved by the Frontman.

To Join a Cover Show, a Musician makes a comment to that Cover Show’s Story Post stating that they are doing so. A Musician who has started or Joined a Cover Show is a member of that Cover Show. A Musician cannot Join a Cover Show if that Cover Show has been resolved, if they are already a member of that Cover Show, if they are a Band Member or if a member of that Cover Show has a Grievance against them.

The Frontman may resolve a pending Cover Show either if it has been pending for 48 hours or if it has at least 4 members. When the Frontman resolves a pending Cover Session, one of these 3 situations will occur:

I - If there are less than 4 members in the Cover Show, each such member loses F Fame, where F equals 4 minus the number of members in the Cover Show.

II - if there at least 4 members in the Cover Show and all of them have the same style, then the following occurs, in this order:

a. the frontman must reassign each Band Member a new style via the process used for new Musicians.

b. all current Band Members become Hangers On (and thus cease to be Showing Off, if any was) and, simultaneously, all the members of the Cover Show become Band Members.

c. the frontman must increase the Fame of each of the new Band Members by C where C is the number of Band Members, divided by two, rounded up.

d. the frontman must reassign each Band Member a new style via the process used for new Musicians and all Band Members then become Hangers On.

III - Otherwise, the Frontman must decrease by one the Fame of each member of the Cover Show whose style is not the same as the Musician who started the Cover Show.

In any of the 3 cases, the frontman must make a comment on the pending Cover Show as to which way he resolved it.

Something for the Hangers On do, besides be seated and watch the Band go on.


Darknight: he/him

16-02-2012 07:17:44 UTC



16-02-2012 14:04:41 UTC

When we fall in situation III, everyone will know who in the Cover Show had the same style as the Musician-who-starter-the-Cover-Show, and who had a different style.

(I’m not actually sure it’s a problem. Just pointing it out.)


16-02-2012 14:09:42 UTC

@Koen, it’s intentional. IMO, we need some kind of clue, besides communication, as who has what style.

Clucky: he/him

16-02-2012 18:38:07 UTC


Wouldn’t the cover band then be able to tour right away and get double fame?

Also this creates a problem where Koen could choose to resolve the cover show first, then change the band, or resolve the tour first.


17-02-2012 01:01:57 UTC

@Clucky, it was not my intention. I don’t know if it’s clear that the steps a,b,c and d happen one immediately after another, so there is no time in between them so someone has the time to post a Tour before d happens and there are no more band members at all.

If you feel it’s not clear I can s-k it and propose it again with clearer text.


17-02-2012 02:43:11 UTC


Kevan: he/him

17-02-2012 09:49:18 UTC



17-02-2012 21:41:00 UTC

I don’t believe there is a problem with steps abcd.

However I agree with “Also this creates a problem where Koen could choose to resolve the cover show first, then change the band, or resolve the tour first.”

If there are cover show and a tour pending both pending (and the cover show has been pending for more than 48 hours), I have to (not could) choose which one to resolve first.


17-02-2012 23:24:54 UTC

I see. Should I self-kill and repropose, or can we make a quick fix for this?


18-02-2012 00:07:16 UTC

for Quick fix I guess