Monday, September 30, 2019

Cspean heraldry

In light of some troubling omens, I (informally) propose lifting the spirits of… Cspe Key by adopting a motto:

A word tile is a single word surrounded by square brackets contained in a comment on this post. I will propose formally adopting the concatenation of all word tiles as the motto, when we hit a good breaking point or word tiles dry up or a general consensus seems to be reached on the end.



30-09-2019 19:12:56 UTC

The voices in my head are very clear that the giants on the mountain want the first word to be [You]


30-09-2019 20:00:40 UTC

My 2 hallucination points tell me the second word is [Gotta]

Kevan: he/him

30-09-2019 20:04:06 UTC

The last thing I heard Mac shout was [Go]


01-10-2019 02:04:50 UTC

Just going to say it! The word on everyone’s mind is [tell]


01-10-2019 11:51:55 UTC

I feel a [the] like a dull thud that’s gone under my skull and is pounding my brain.


01-10-2019 12:59:38 UTC

I mean, everyone knows that the island is in love with [world]