Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Proposal: Cutlasses for everybody!

Passed 9-1, enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 19 Jan 2006 06:18:56 UTC

I think we’d best add some rules:

The Ship:

The Captain and his crew ply the seas on the Inquisitor, a schooner of ninety feet, two masts, and a deck of cannon. There are several locations (Parts of the Ship) on the Ship—the Captain’s quarters, the Forecastle, the Holds, the Crow’s Nest, the Crew’s quarters and three decks: the Main Deck, the Forecastle Deck, and the Quarter Deck. Any Swashbuckler on the Ship may change eir place on the Ship by posting notice on the front page, with the exception that only the Captain may be in the Captain’s quarters unless e details circumstances under which a Swashbuckler may move into the Captain’s quarters.


All Swashbuckler’s are proficient with cutlasses, knives, belaying pins, and such short melee weapons. Any Swashbuckler may Duel with another Swashbuckler provided that the two are in the same Part of the Ship. To do so, e must make a post to the front page containing the name of eir opponent, the location onboard the ship, and the outcome of the duel, preferably with some descriptive text. E must then make Y DICE5 checks, where Y is the eir GPS, and Z DICE5 checks, where Z is the opponent’s GPS. If the sum of the Y DICE5 checks is strictly greater than the sum of the Z DICE5 checks,  then the initiator wins the Duel, and otherwise e loses the Duel.

If a Swashbuckler wins a Duel, e shall increase eir GPS by one point, and decrease eir opponent’s GPS by one point. If a Swashbuckler loses a Duel, e shall decrease eir GPS by one point, and increase eir opponent’s GPS by one point. If the GPS would be negative after outcome of the Duel, set that GPS score to zero. No Swashbuckler may Duel another Swashbuckler whose GPS is zero.

No Swashbuckler may initiate a Duel with another Swashbuckler in one Part of the Ship more than once per day. Further, no Swashbuckler may initiate more than a Quorum’s number of Duels in one day.

Captain’s orders:

Any Swashbuckler Dueling with the Captain must engage (Duel) all other Swashbucklers in the same Part of the Ship after the Duel, even if this increases the initiator’s number of Duels for that day above Quorum. The Captain may add two points to each DICE5 check e makes during a Duel.

Demon rum:

If a Swashbuckler is in the Crew’s quarters and has a GPS of zero, e may set eir GPS to one, but may not change eir location on the Ship any more that day, Blognomic time. No Swashbuckler may Duel with another Swashbuckler in the Crew’s Quarters. The Swashbuckler with the greatest GPS may not enter the Crew’s quarters.

These rules should make the action for this Dynasty fast paced and furious, something I’d love to see after the last Dynasty. I thought long and hard trying to balance the mechanics, and I feel that these rules prevent any sort of rich get richer scenario where one pirate gets a massive score and can’t be trounced, as long as the Captain keeps order, like a good Captain is supposed to.

I’d make this Dynasty a little less formal (though not lax) than the last one, but it’s up for you to decide how we want to play things this time.

Also, here’s a diagram that I cribbed shamelessly from someone’s nautical webpage. I’ll be doing a little reading on the subject to try to keep things interesting.



01-18-2006 07:49:55 UTC

Thump a landlubber!


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The Lone Amigo:

01-18-2006 10:23:33 UTC


Arrr, she be a real beauty, the finest ship in the Seven Seas.


01-18-2006 11:33:57 UTC


Elias IX:

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So to duel, I must post the outcome of the duel _before_ rolling?  Also, the Captain has a pretty much guaranteed gain of 8 (current quorum) GPS per day, while the remaining Swashbucklers have an expected gain of about 0.  I don’t know whether AG intended this, but I note that all witnesses to a duel involving the Captain will challenge the non-Captain afterwards—regardless of who initiated that duel.  Well, I’ve gotta vote against  mosly because I don’t share in the opinion that the mechanics are balanced.


01-18-2006 17:27:45 UTC

for Note that ye can just roll YDICE5 and the computator will giveth ye the summ.


01-18-2006 17:40:34 UTC

Not if we need to know about “rolling doubles”

Angry Grasshopper:

01-18-2006 18:10:58 UTC

Ah, well, the languge can always be cleared up.

The idea is that the Captain doesn’t need to go around beating his crew all day. If he does, we can always re-write the appropriate sections.


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