Monday, August 13, 2007

Dancing is just a distraction!

create a new dynastic rule “Monkey Ladder” with the text:

Each Monkey has a number Position tracked in the GDNT which is between 1 and X where X is the number of active monkeys.  The default position for each monkey is X, except for the Top Banana, whose position is 1.

After a monkey has performed the dance, any active monkey with the status “In the Line”, who was in the line during the most recent dance, may respond to the post with the comment “Climbing the ladder” and change their status to “In the barrel” and decrease their position by 1 (to a minimum of 1)

Just an idea I’m throwing out, you guys can give me a bit of feedback?


Oracular rufio:

08-14-2007 01:55:25 UTC

This was sort of what I was thinking of along the lines of the Monkey Tree, but there would have to be some thing at the top of the ladder that would make it worth sitting out 12+ dances and missing out on dance moves/bananas.  It might be difficult to balance, now that so much of the game revolves around the line.


08-14-2007 02:30:34 UTC

well, so what I was thinking is, that later you could use alternative methods (perhaps dance moves/bananas) to force someone else to drop down the ladder, and the end goal of the game could be to reach the top of the ladder


08-14-2007 03:34:47 UTC

king kong could throw bananas at people on the ladder :P


08-14-2007 12:21:26 UTC

Thats Donkey Kong, silly.

Anyways, I think it shows promise. There would need to be a nice balance set between the power of position and sitting out the dance though. Also this could sorta have a tide effect on some of the monkeys. If many monkeys go idle, everyone would get pushed up despite not doing anything. Then if lots of new monkeys join, they start lower in line despite the fact that the monkeys ahead of them havn’t done anything. So maybe X should be first and everyone starts at one?