Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Proposal: Daywalkers

Self-killed. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 22 Jul 2021 17:51:55 UTC

If Proposal: Mobile Monsters was enacted, this proposal does nothing.

Add a new subrule to the rule Undead Life, called The Nosturi:

At any time, a Vampire Lord with an Allegiance of none may set their Allegiance to Nosturi. A Vampire Lord with an Allegiance of Nosturi may not change their Allegiance to any other value. Vampire Lords whose Allegiance is Nosturi may be referred to as ‘being Nosturi’, or may simply be referred to as being traitors.

No Vampire Lord may have the name Nosturi.

Nosturi may not become Dust; when they have zero Puissance they remain Revenant. Nosturi may not have a Sepulchre; if ever a Nosturi has a Sepulchre then any Vampire Lord may set their Sepulchre to blank. Nosturi may not gain Influence or own Blood Mana Crystals; if ever a Nosturi has a value greater than zero for either then any Vampire Lord may set those values to zero.

Add the following to the end of the rule Denizen Encounters:

As a Power Action with a cost of 1, a Nosturi may have a Denizen whose Sycophancy is themselves encounter another Denizen in the same location as if they were Richardo von Nestor. If they do, their Denizen (the attacker) treats their Cunning as if it were Richardo’s remaining Energy, and if the roll is equal or lower than the target then the attacker is slain.

Add the following to the list of Traits in the rule Denizen Characteristics:

Treacherous: If this Denizen’s Sycophancy is a Nosturi then, as a Power Action with a cost of 3, that Nosturi may collapse any Sepulchre in the same location as this Denizen (+2)



21-07-2021 12:44:11 UTC

Doesn’t this basically just directly support a pooling victory? It’s an action that outright says “I’m giving up my chances of victory entirely in order to help another player”.

I generally hate the idea of “largest pool wins”, but this seems to be actively encouraging it. Note that in dynasties which are all about pooling – as this one looks like it’s starting to become – the actual gameplay becomes mostly irrelevant, because being able to recruit more players is a much bigger consideration than anything related to the current state of the game. The harder pooling is, the more important each player’s individual gamestate becomes, and I think having gameplay that actually matters is good for the game (especially in this dynasty, which has fairly engaging gameplay and, until recently, has been mostly about the Crypt map rather than the social aspects).


21-07-2021 13:10:24 UTC

Another point worth noting: Treacherous is almost 100% redundant with these numbers to simply giving Nosturi a “collapse a Sepulchre” action with a cost of 5. It costs 2 to make a Denizen Treacherous, but you could also just summon a 0/0 Treacherous Denizen for 2 in the Sepulchre you want to collapse, and there’s no ability to reuse a Denizen for this purpose because it won’t survive the Sepulchre collapse. So other than corner cases involving avoiding becoming Bloodthirsty when you want to collapse a Sepulchre but not right now, there’s no reason to add Treacherous to a Denizen rather than just creating a new one.


21-07-2021 13:17:02 UTC

Also, for, for reasons I don’t think it would benefit me to explain.

Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 13:29:29 UTC

SK against

ais has pointed out privately that you could put cheap weak denizens in the same room as the stair muncher and your own temporary sigil to effectively generate infinite puissance (or at least generate as fast as you spend). He has voted for as he wants to exploit the bug. After some thought I’ve decided that I’m not willing to put it on the books. Will likely not repropose unless there’s a surge of interest.

Clucky: he/him

21-07-2021 16:43:13 UTC

would that work?

it costs 1 to run the action. so you could certainly spam a lot with this, but can’t go infinite. could fix it just by making nutritious costing 1

Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 17:02:11 UTC

Stair muncher creaming something in a sigil earns the owner of that sigil 9

Generating a cheap 0/0 denizen, putting it in stair muncher’s room, putting a temp sigil down and having it attack stair muncher is less than 9

So doing that over and over will generate infinite puissance over time

Clucky: he/him

21-07-2021 20:21:07 UTC

no it doesn’t. The bloodsoaked trait is “When the Crypt Settles, if Richardo von Nestor became Lightly Wounded or Grievously Injured upon Encountering this Denizen in this Enter the Crypt action, all Vampire Lords with Sigils in the room where the Encounter took place gain Puissance equal to the Energy lost by Richardo von Nestor as a result of the Encounter”

this would not happen during an enter the crypt action, so the settling never would occur and bloodsoaked wouldn’t generate any puissance.

Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 20:43:25 UTC

Oh! Good

Shame I already self-killed it!

Clucky: he/him

21-07-2021 21:52:19 UTC

I mean a player going “I like this but it wouldn’t benefit me to explain why” probably would’ve been enough to get everyone to vote against this without the self kill anyways =D

Raven1207: he/they

22-07-2021 05:16:09 UTC