Thursday, November 21, 2019

Proposal: decommissioned [Gamestate]

Fewer than a quorum voting against. Failed 1-3 by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Nov 2019 09:08:41 UTC

Make all Admins that have been continuously idle for the previous 730 days no longer Admins.
If the Effective Vote Comment of the Adventurer named Kevan is not FOR when this proposal is enacted, it has no effect.

As Kevan mentioned on 75th Trombone’s post here, there were a number of proposals in the past that made everyone present an admin. At present there are about 59 admin users for blognomic and I can recall that perhaps about 15 of them have not been idle since I’ve joined blognomic.



11-21-2019 07:38:29 UTC

At least the most recent 730 days? Or any 730 non-consecutive days? Seems like an important enough distinction to mention.


11-21-2019 07:54:18 UTC

There is no [Gamestate] tag but it doesn’t matter much lol.


11-21-2019 08:06:23 UTC

TyGuy6, good point; how does it look now?

Cuddlebeam, well it’s more to indicate that it’s not affecting the dynastic rules or any non rule gamestate defined by the dynastic rules.


11-21-2019 08:33:46 UTC

Excellent. Distinctive. Effective.

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-21-2019 09:12:43 UTC

A good idea to think about this, but there’s a problem with this wording in that we can’t decisively determine who was and wasn’t idle at which time, without some serious detective work. The (admin-only?) members search only gives us the date of a player’s last visit, with no distinction between unidle gameplay and lurking while logged in.

If we instead phrased this as “any admin who has not visited the blog while logged in over the past 730 days”, we’d lose:

90000, aaronwinborn, alethiophile, Amnistar, Angry Grasshopper, arthexis, Axeling, Cayvie, Chivalrybean, ChronosPhaenon, Clucky, Darknight, Devenger, Elias IX, epylar, Excalabur, gobleteer, Greth, Hix, Jack, jay, Klisz, Larrytheturtle, lilomar, Ornithopter, Oze, Personman, Plorkyeran, Prince Anduril, Qwazukee, RaichuKFM, Rodney, Saki, Saurik, scshunt, Seebo, Seventy-Fifth Trombone, Shadowclaw, SingularByte, Skju, smith, southpointingchariot, Spitemaster, Tantusar, Thelonious, Thrawn, TrumanCapote, Wakukee, Yoda, Zeofar

(Seventy-Fifth Trombone is the player account of server owner 75th Trombone; it looks like the “75th” superadmin account is only ever used for server announcements and was never registered as a player, so is not technically an admin within the game.)

And we’d keep:

Brendan, Bucky, card, derrick, Ienpw III, Josh, Kevan, pokes, Purplebeard, quirck

against in the absence of research to show who was idle and unidle. Would also be polite if lurking admins could easily exempt themselves from demotion without having to fully unidle.


11-21-2019 09:51:19 UTC

I like the idea but we can polish the implementation bit more.

against but I’d greentick a fix.


11-21-2019 22:21:26 UTC