Thursday, November 03, 2005

Proposal: Defer to the Other?

6-1. Reached Quorum.—Chronos

Adminned at 04 Nov 2005 15:32:05 UTC

Seeing as how no one else is writing me into this dynasty, now that I have a minute, let’s try and resurrect my half of the theme.

Add the following as a subrule of rule 1:

A Diety may, in addition to a Deferential vote, add the Other’s seal to eir vote.  This causes the Deferntial vote to be counted identically to the Other’s vote, instead of the Archon’s.  It otherwise behaves identially to a standard Deferential vote.


Kevan: City he/him

03-11-2005 12:21:06 UTC

against A bit dull, and surely not likely to be used much.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-11-2005 14:42:33 UTC

Did we do this with Aaron’s Dynasty?


03-11-2005 15:04:42 UTC



03-11-2005 15:32:31 UTC



03-11-2005 15:40:46 UTC

for I think this is useful for forming our Other/Archon loyalties.


03-11-2005 17:38:29 UTC

It was proposed, but didn’t pass due to wording issues.

Kevan: City he/him

03-11-2005 18:18:25 UTC

And mm, not meaning to diss the Other, back there - just assuming that most people’s DEFERENTIAL votes are “eh, haven’t got time to read this or am not really sure, will trust someone else to cast a sensible vote on it”, that anyone who’s won or half-won the previous Dynasty will do.


04-11-2005 16:16:58 UTC