Sunday, November 12, 2006

Discussion:How should we get Tomes?

(comments and proposals welcome)

Should finding tomes be:
2)Easier for insane Students?
3)A cooperative activity?
4)Completely random?
5)based on mythos knowledge?
6)by Rodney’s permission only?
7)the result of a Sanity bidding war?



12-11-2006 23:15:55 UTC

cooperative sounds interesting, what does it means?

Elias IX:

12-11-2006 23:20:58 UTC

Cooperative activity means SCHEMING SCHEMING SCHEMING.

I think cooperative activity sounds good.


12-11-2006 23:27:51 UTC

I was playing with ideas like giving the Librarian a (possibly fraudulent) note from one’s tutor.  I wanted to reward interesting reasoning and fun excuses in the notes, but I haven’t really worked it out.


13-11-2006 01:36:54 UTC

Added #7

I personally like the idea of an imaginary Library Gremlin who hands out books to insane Students.


13-11-2006 03:55:04 UTC

7 is very nice.


13-11-2006 03:57:49 UTC

but i think that in order to restrict how much a student can bid, a student shouldn’t be able to “sell” too much sanity that e will be insane or too much insane (no more than -5?)


13-11-2006 04:00:24 UTC

how about this: a student can’t be in a sanity debut that is greater than eir mythos. for example, if i have 3 sanity and 10 mythos, i can’t bid more than 13 sanity points.

Clucky: he/him

13-11-2006 04:02:49 UTC

I like them all; well, not 2 and 6. Maybe people could take a Strenuous action to attempt to discover a tome. This would succeed with probably (t/20)^20 where t amount of mythos points spent attempting to discover the tome. The tome would then be auctioned, and players would have to spend sanity points, perhaps as a team; to buy the tome. There would either be a limit to how insane you can get, or more value a bids from people who have higher sanity.


13-11-2006 11:07:16 UTC

I personally like the idea of a sanity bidding war. That and #3. We could have groups of students working together to outbid other students, and to share the the cost in sanity.


13-11-2006 22:14:39 UTC

Then make a proposal.  Just please mention the Library Gremlin and/or Book Fairy.