Thursday, November 10, 2005

Elevation of Samedi

-Genesis in New Orleans.
-Spent one Quintessence to create Universal Inspiration (Universal-Priest-Inspire)
-Used Universal Inspiration in New Orleans and Port-au-Prince
-Used Universal Moves to found Havana and destroy temple in New Orleans
-Used Genesis in Havana to found temple
-Used Universal Inspiration in Havana to found temple
-Used Universal Moves to destroy temple in Port-au-Prince and found Tobago
-Used Genesis in Tobago
-Used Universal Inspiration in Tobago

As the Deity with the most temples, I am now the godhead.

-Spent one Quintessence to create Godhead Universal Inspiration (Godhead-Universal-Inspire)
-Founded one Temple in each city.
-Spent one Quintessence to create Universal Death Cult of the Godhead (Godhead-Universal-Smite)
-Smites Mithras’s temple in Athens, Enki’s temple in Uruk, Chronos’ temple in Sparta.
-Spends one Quintessence to creat Godhead Universal Elevation (Godhead-Universal-Mob-Aura)
-Used Godhead Universal Elevation once in each city.



11-11-2005 00:38:59 UTC

Wow!!!! Though Universal Moves is a Holy Day, meaning you can only use it once a day. I’m deleting Tobago. Other actions remain.

The Lone Amigo:

11-11-2005 06:59:12 UTC


Man, I read throught it so many times to check whether this was legal… can’t believe that slipped by…