Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Proposal: Endgame?

passes 6-0 and enacted by ienpw

Adminned at 23 Apr 2010 15:58:38 UTC

Add to the list of available Jobs:

* Traitor. If at any time there are less than 2 Traitors, the Expedition Leader may make any Colonist a Traitor. Traitors may rest twice in one week, but never within 24 hours after resting. Traitors are encouraged to kill non-Traitor Colonists, deplete the Stockpile of Food and useful goods and otherwise sabotage the Settlement in any way. Traitors do not gain Stress when a Colonist dies, and may not change their Job.

Add to rule Death, between the fourth and fifth bullet point:

* If the Colonist has 20 or more Stress, he becomes a Traitor. Otherwise, his Job is set to Peasant.

Add a new rule, “Victory”:

Outsiders do not count as Colonists for the purposes of this rule.

If, at any time, no non-traitor Colonist has 0 Deaths, all Traitors with the lowest number of Deaths among Traitors have achieved victory.

If, on May 5 2010 at 00:00:00, exactly one non-traitor Colonist has 0 Deaths, that Colonist has achieved Victory. Otherwise, the Expedition Leader may make a Story post entitled “Election for Mayor” after that time. All Colonists may support another Colonist with 0 Deaths by including the name of that Colonist in a comment to that post. They are encouraged to support the Colonist who they feel has contributed the most to the success of the settlement. If a Colonist includes multiple names, or multiple instances of one name in their comments to that post, only the last is counted. After 48 hours have passed since the creation of that post, the Colonist who was supported by the most other Colonists has achieved victory.

Applications for the post of Traitor may be posted in the comments.



21-04-2010 14:00:20 UTC

for  Please don’t make me a traitor. I’ve been helping the settlement by mining (and I was the first one to to it, too).

Josh: he/they

21-04-2010 15:04:42 UTC

for I would like to be a traitor please.


21-04-2010 20:21:59 UTC

for and I would be acting traitorously even if I wasn’t made a traitor, so…

Darknight: he/him

22-04-2010 01:32:49 UTC

for either or is fine by me

Kevan: City he/him

22-04-2010 09:40:03 UTC

for No preference.