Monday, November 21, 2005

Epic: Death of a Serpent

It had terrorised cities. The creature had been the scourge of the sewers, snatching people from the streets then vanishing in an instant. The newspaper called it the Beast, but the people just called it Serpent. How many humans had it eaten and killed? Hundreds, maybe thousands. And now it struggled, trapped in a cave of its own making as the floodwaters swelled. The air dried up. Oxygen leeched from its body as it convulsed in its last moments of breath. As it all faded to blackness, it wriggled, trying to reach the surface.

Its eyes shut for the last time.

The King of Serpents welcomed another of his children home.


The Lone Amigo:

22-11-2005 00:16:02 UTC

Baron Samedi claims domain over the death of Serpent.


22-11-2005 00:58:16 UTC

Chronos claims domain over the last time the Serpent’s eyes shut.


22-11-2005 03:42:43 UTC

Angra Mainyu claims domain over the terror of the cities and the eating of 100s/1000s of humans (suffering).

The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 02:08:45 UTC

This epic is now closed, and it seems no elements were contested, so three quint to each deity.