Friday, November 25, 2005

Epic: Departure from Troy

After Odysseus and his men depart from Troy, they are greeted by friendly and calm waters. The ships near land and Eurylochus, convincing Odysseus that the gods were on their side, told him to go ashore and loot the nearby city. The crew had landed in Ciconia. The city was not at all protected and all of the inhabitants fled without a fight into the nearby mountains. Odysseus and his men looted the city and robbed it of all its goods. Odysseus wisely told the men to board the ships quickly but they refused and fell asleep on the beach. The next morning, the Ciconians returned with their fierce kinsmen from the mountains. Odysseus and his men fled to the ships as fast as they could but they lost many men still.



25-11-2005 16:22:48 UTC

Chronos claims domain over the exact time they depart from Troy (but not over the rest of the narrative).


25-11-2005 17:36:32 UTC

The One Who Kills claims domain over Odysseus telling his men to board the ships quickly.


26-11-2005 19:40:32 UTC

this epic be closed, i think