Thursday, November 24, 2005

Epic: Illness and Famine

Lands which were once plentiful and lush farmland were now deserted wasteland. The famine had come, slaying thousands, and then the plague, killing millions. No one could stop it. It struck powerful and poor alike, man and child, master and servant. A land which had once been bountiful was now dead, no man, woman, or child left alive.



24-11-2005 04:52:21 UTC

The One Who Kills claims domain over the existence of masters and servants.

The Lone Amigo:

24-11-2005 07:27:03 UTC

Baron Samedi claims domain over the deaths from famine and plague.

The Lone Amigo:

25-11-2005 03:34:42 UTC

This epic is closed.