Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Proposal: Epic Stories Again

Passed 6-0, timed out.—smith

Adminned at 19 Nov 2005 14:05:49 UTC

I still want to add a storytelling element. Temples and Cities are a bit dry, and the game is dragging right now. Let’s make it more entertaining.

Remove the line “Each Deity may often increase every Deity’s Quintessence by one point. ” from the Quintessence rule, and add these two sub-rules to it:-


A Deity can use an Incarnation to draw quintessence from patterns of the cosmos.

Every Incarnation has a Domain listed in the Deity Wiki. This Domain is a description of a element (be it an event, object, or abstract concept) within an Epic for which the Deity gains Quintessence. Occasionally, a Deity may change the Domain of eir current Incarnation. The Archon or Other may overturn such a change if done within 24 hours.


Often a Deity may make a post with the title “Epic: ((Epic Title))”. This post should contain a narrative detailing the exploits of a hero or other significant events within the mortal world.

In response to an Epic post all Deities may Exercise Domain on it, by posting any number of comments claiming elements of the Epic which fall within the Domain of eir current Incarnation. After 24 hours the Epic becomes closed and those Deities who Exercised Domain have 24 hours in which ey may gain Quintessence. By default a Deity gains 3 Quintessence per Epic, but this amount is adjusted if any of the same elements of that Epic were claimed by another Deity: if claims were made by an Incarnation with a more general Domain add 1 Quintessence; if claims were made by an Incarnation with a more specific Domain subtract 2 Quintessence; if the relationship of the Domains is unclear, then subtract 1 Quintessence. The final amount of Quintessence awarded may be zero, but not negative. The Other and Archon are the arbiters of whether the Exercise of a Domain was legal, and may not gainsay one another’s decision.

For Example: Gilgamesh gets really drunk and, mistaking a passing crocodile for a drowning maiden, plunges into the river to save her. Deities A, B, and C exercise the domains of ‘animals’, ‘reptiles’, and ‘crocodiles’ on the crocodile. C gains 5 Quintessence, B gains 2 Quintessence and C does not gain any Quintessence. Deities D and E exercise the domains ‘bravery’ and ‘compassion’ on drunken Gilgamesh. Both Deities gain 2 Quintessence.

The Archon or Other may nullify an entire Epic by indicating this using eir veto icon. The Epic then has no effect and all comments to it have no effect, and the poster loses the ability to make another Epic for 24 hours.



17-11-2005 09:10:04 UTC

for On the assumption that the example reads C B A not C B C.

Angry Grasshopper:

17-11-2005 13:23:20 UTC

Good, now that we have a workable set of mechanics to play with.

The Lone Amigo:

17-11-2005 14:48:08 UTC


Example doesn’t seem right, though.


17-11-2005 15:46:39 UTC

Oh, whoops, yes that last C should be A. Since B and C had more specific domains, A gets 3-2-2=0 quint. Since this is example text, it isn’t binding.


17-11-2005 17:10:18 UTC



18-11-2005 02:19:38 UTC

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