Monday, November 21, 2005

Epic: The Defender of Kings

Aho Houegbadja was the third King of Dahomey, which would eventually become Benin. He was wise and well loved by all people, except perhaps by the human sacrifices killed to honor his ancestors, or those sent into slavery by him, or by his many enemies; but everyone else loved Houegbadja, for if they did not love him, they could get visited by his fearsome Amazon guards.

Minadu had been an Amazon guard for several lifetimes. She defended the father of Aho Houegbadja and his father before him, and kings and queens before them. As she sank to the ground, a spear protruding from her belly, she wondered if her next reincarnation would yet again become a royal guard.


The Lone Amigo:

21-11-2005 23:33:31 UTC

Baron Samedi exercises his domain of Death over the death of Minadu.


21-11-2005 23:48:33 UTC

I made this one with Baron Samedi in mind. Thanks for leaving the human sacrifice - I’ll exercise Angra Mainyu’s domain on that (I think Death counts as a negative opposite of Life, and human sacrifice is evil, too.)


22-11-2005 00:54:13 UTC

Chronos claims domain over the “several lifetimes” in which Minadu was an Amazon guard.


22-11-2005 20:20:11 UTC

The One Who Kills claims domain over Aho Houegbadja’s sending of people into slavery.


23-11-2005 00:27:13 UTC

This is closed now. No elements were contested, so 3 quint for each deity who made a claim.


23-11-2005 00:29:24 UTC

No, still an hour to go before it is closed. I need a UTC clock.


23-11-2005 02:01:40 UTC

Could we put that old UTC clock in the sidebar again?