Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Epic: The Slaughter

It was a tragedy. Millions upon millions of men poured into a war that had no meaning, a meatgrinder of machines and men where lives were short and pointless. Tens of thousands died in pointless charges against machines of death, guns and tanks and bombs and fortresses. Mother mourned their sons that never returned, wives their husbands, and children their fathers. A million deaths over a minor squabble between petty rulers. It was no honorable fight, and there was no truce and no peace, just endless lines of men charging into battles that were mockeries of honor and courage.

The gods of war wept.



23-11-2005 02:41:47 UTC

The One Who Kills claims domain over the petty rulers making people do things.

The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 02:43:58 UTC

Baron Samedi claims domain over the deaths of millions of men, and over the machines of death.


23-11-2005 03:07:46 UTC

Chronos claims domain over the moment when millions upon millions of men poured into war.

Angry Grasshopper:

23-11-2005 14:32:34 UTC

Odin claims domain over the souls of the righteous who fell in battle, so that his valkyries may speed them to Valhalla, where they may fight forever.


23-11-2005 15:02:56 UTC

False Odin claims domain over the mockeries of honor and courage.


23-11-2005 20:10:41 UTC

Om claims domain over the (non-blue) tanks.


23-11-2005 21:37:53 UTC

heh heh, I like Om’s domain. Angra Mainyu claims the mourning of mothers, wives and children. And the weeping of the gods of war. (all suffering)


23-11-2005 21:43:19 UTC

Definite conflict:
Odin and Baron Samedi - both claiming domain over the whole and parts of the millions of deaths.


23-11-2005 21:48:54 UTC

Vague conflicts:
- Baron Samedi and Hix?
- One Who Kills and False Odin and Chronos?

Most elements get hopelessly entangled with one another, that is a weak point of this rule - too much interpretation required. I guess we just grab our quint and hope no one argues…

The Lone Amigo:

24-11-2005 01:37:58 UTC

I’m just grabbing my quint. I see there’s a conflict between me and Hix, but I can’t work out who has the better claim.


24-11-2005 12:47:44 UTC

Onew Who Kills: The Petty Rulers
False Odin: The mockery
Chronos: Millions of men pouring

Where is the conflict?


25-11-2005 15:43:52 UTC

This is closed, all right?


26-11-2005 23:43:10 UTC

yeah, never mind. it is all fine.