Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Proposal: Even educated fleas do it

Reached quorum 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 16 Mar 2017 14:31:16 UTC

Add to the list of organs in the rule Anatomy:

Choanocyte: An organ in this state may, as a daily action, consume one nutrient to fertilize an egg cluster that is in the same location as that organ’s creature. The nutrient consumed must be a nutrient that the egg cluster currently requires. No organ may fertilize an egg cluster of which it is the mother. When an organ fertilizes an egg cluster, that organ’s name is added as a father to that egg cluster.

Add to the rule Egg Clusters:

Egg clusters may be said to require specific nutrients. An egg cluster in the Unfertilized stage requires any nutrient. An egg cluster in the “Needs Blonium” state requires Blonium. An egg cluster in the “Needs Gonium” stage requires Gonium. An egg cluster in the “Needs Nonium” stage requires Nonium. An egg cluster in the “Needs Miconium” stage requires Miconium.
When an egg cluster is laid, it is in the “Unfertilized” stage. When an egg cluster is fertilized, it advances to the next stage listed under “Stage” in this rule.



03-14-2017 20:34:59 UTC

I’m split between deliberately FORing proposals which have flaws so that I can exploit them or asking for them to be corrected so I’ll just do the latter for now.

You’re missing “Needs Nonium”.

“May” is a vulnerable word.

Oracular rufio:

03-14-2017 20:51:01 UTC

“May” is not vulnerable here, it’s being used to mean “is allowed to”.


03-14-2017 20:51:51 UTC

I appreciate that. I did edit the most ambiguous instance of “may” to be clearer. I don’t think the other is an issue.


03-14-2017 21:05:58 UTC

“Egg clusters may be said to require specific nutrients.”

So I’m allowed to say “Egg clusters require specific nutrients?”

Like, out loud?

I know you mean the idiom but its homographic to this other interpretation which makes it a bit vulnerable imo, I dunno.


03-14-2017 21:19:36 UTC

I think “Egg clusters may be said to require specific nutrients” is a reasonable preamble to the rule. It doesn’t carry any regulatory force itself, it merely signals that the usage of “requires” which follows is meant to be a restricted usage for the purposes of the game.

Let us say I follow the interpretation that you suggest. Whether I say the words aloud or not, the rules that follow, e.g. ‘An egg cluster in the “Needs Nonium” stage requires Nonium’ establishes a clear limitation and is a fully functional rule on its own.

If you can find a way to pervert the rule through that reading of “said”, you are welcome to attempt it!


03-14-2017 21:25:55 UTC

True, actually. I just found it a funny addition, but it doesn’t actually change the mechanics.


03-14-2017 21:30:14 UTC

I am now imagining Cuddlebeam occasionally exclaiming “Egg clusters require specific nutrients” to random passers by.

Oracular rufio:

03-14-2017 22:02:18 UTC

So on a less aggravating note, there’s nothing here saying what happens when an egg cluster is fertilized, and there’s nothing in this proposal or the ruleset that unambiguously states which state the egg cluster is in when it is laid.  The rule lists the states “in order” but it doesn’t say what the order means.  We should probably establish that when eggs are laid they start as Unfertilized and progress through the stages as they gain nutrients (unless you intentionally wanted to leave that for later) because I think otherwise they default to the alphabetically earliest state name.


03-14-2017 22:13:00 UTC

That’s true. I’m apparently not great at writing proposals. This one is updated.


03-14-2017 22:17:54 UTC

You may want to add a requirement clarifying that a fertilizing organ gets added to the list of fathers for the egg cluster.

I feel like this is a very cheap way to get to maturity. You may want to increase the nutrient cost.


03-14-2017 22:25:35 UTC

hmm… yes, if it’s a daily action, it becomes MUCH harder, and multiple people will probably have to cooperate to do it.


03-15-2017 01:02:50 UTC

Explicitly being able to say “Egg clusters require specific nutrients.” should be golden rule #1 lol.

for Because humor and the mechanic actually looks alright.


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Oracular rufio:

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03-15-2017 21:39:27 UTC

Warning: This could easily become a case of fool’s gold if you try to rush for as many eggs as possible before an end game is properly defined.


03-16-2017 00:48:11 UTC

Yeah. It’s a curious case though, because eggs are the only resource you can actually stockpile for yourself.

If that becomes Fool’s Gold, then, well, we’re going to need some other stockpile-able resource or something.