Monday, February 20, 2012

Proposal: Famous people are Impetuous

Fails with Quorum against (1-5).  Cannot be enacted without CoV. -Bucky

Adminned at 21 Feb 2012 17:58:26 UTC

Repeal rule “Consonance”.

Replace the text of rule “Respect and Grievance “with:

Each musician may Respect a number of musicians and have Grievance against a number of musicians. These are tracked either as lists of names of a musicians or “-” to represent no musician, in the “Respect” and “Grievance” fields of the GNDT respectively. No such list may include the same musician’s name more than once.

The total number of musicians a musician respects and has grievance against is known as that musician’s Impetus. A musician’s impetus is limited to either 2 or that musician’s fame, whichever is greater. If at any time a musician’s impetus is greater than its limit, a number of musicians must be removed from that musician’s grievance list, then from their respect list, if needed, until their Impetus equals its limit.

A musician may not respect themselves, nor have a grievance against themselves. Musicians default to respecting nobody (“-”) and having a grievance against nobody. If at any time an idle musician’s name appears in any “Respect” or “Grievance” list, that name must be excluded from such list.

A Musician cannot have a grievance against someone they respect.

If a musician X respects a musician Y, X cannot have a grievance against anyone Y respects. However, if a musician M respects a musician N and has a grievance against a musician O, N is allowed to include O in N’s respect list, in which case M ceases to have a O in their grievance list.

As a daily action, a musician may change the lists concerning who they respect and/or who they have a grievance against.

Substitute the second paragraph of rule “Assets” with:

A hanger on who possess an asset which no band member possesses may, no more than once in each 48 hour period, edit any band member’s respect list by either changing one name on that list to the name of any band member or adding the name of any band member to that list. Such edition cannot be done in any way that would violate the restrictions and limits set in rule “Respect and Grievance”.

Why limit respect and grievance to one?



20-02-2012 13:18:17 UTC

*As a daily action*, a musician may change the lists concerning who they respect and/or who they have a grievance against.



20-02-2012 13:50:08 UTC

against  against


20-02-2012 16:22:25 UTC

@Koen, currently it says “at any time”. Would you be in favor, if I kept it so?


20-02-2012 23:35:41 UTC

I don’t know. But if I vote against it would not be because of that; if one respect works without daily actions, why would a full list of respects need it?

But I really don’t want daily actions. I liked coppro’s dynasty but it had me set in a is-it-1-am-yet-I-have-to-check-Blognomic dynamic which retrospectively isn’t cool at all.
Thus against

Josh: he/they

21-02-2012 07:23:29 UTC



21-02-2012 12:24:30 UTC


Darknight: he/him

21-02-2012 22:05:28 UTC