Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Proposal: Farmer Brown

Passes 11-0, reaches quorum. Enacted by Angry Grasshopper.

Adminned at 26 Sep 2006 16:02:21 UTC

If there is not a rule called “Taste Sensations”, this proposal has no further effect.
Create a Dynastic Rule called “Farmer Brown”.
Create a subrule of “Farmer Brown” called “Tasty List” with text:

The Tasty List is an ordered list of all Vegetables with positive Tastiness.  Each such Vegetable appears on the Tasty List a number of times equal to eir Tastiness, and the order of the Vegetables appearing on the Tasty List is the same as their GNDT order.  For example, if Vegetables Q, L, M, and G appear in that order in the GNDT, with Tastiness values of 2, 0, 5, and 1 (respectively), then the Tasty List is “Q Q M M M M M G”
Farmer Brown keeps the Tasty List attatched via magnets to his refrigerator at all times.

Create a subrule of “Farmer Brown” called “The Harvest” with text:

If no Vegetable has done so that day or within the previous 6 hours, any Vegetable may make a comment in the GNDT of “Harvest DICEX DICE31”, where X is the number of entries on the Tasty List.  Once this has been done, Farmer Brown chooses the Nth Vegetable on the Tasty List, where N is the result of the DICEX check.  The chosen Vegetable is consumed and immediately reincarnated with the following effects, depending on H, where H is the result of the DICE31 check:
*If H is less than or equal to the chosen Vegetable’s Healthfulness, the chosen Vegetable’s Exoticity increases by 1, and eir Healthfulness and Tastiness are halved (rounding down to the nearest integer).  The Veggie has helped Farmer Brown become healthier.  The resulting good karma allows em to be reborn as a member of a more exotic species.
*If H=31, the chosen Vegetable’s Healthfulness, Tastiness, and Exoticity are halved (rounding up to the nearest integer).  The Veggie was tainted.  Farmer Brown’s wife becomes ill and almost dies.  Bad karma abounds, and the reincarnated Veggie bears the punishment.
*If neither of the above bullet points applied, the chosen Vegetable’s Healthfulness increases by 1.  Farmer Brown’s family enjoy their meal.  Farmer Brown gives additional care to this type of Veggie from now on.



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There needs to be a clause preventing a vegtable from getting past the defined limits on Healthfulness and Exoticity, but that can be added when/if the rule is passed. for


09-26-2006 18:51:11 UTC

for  now we need some way for tastiness to go up


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