Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Proposal: Fighting is also about breaking stuff

Times out 5-0, passes—arth

Adminned at 26 Sep 2008 01:06:25 UTC

Create a new rule “Items”:

There exist objects called Items, which belong to one of three Item Types: Artifacts, Talismans and Potions. A Breeder may own Items if a rule or proposal allows it, and keeps track of them in the “Backpack” wiki document. This document shall be formated as a list of Breeders that own items, followed by a colon and a comma separated list of the items they own. If they own more than 1 of the same Item, they may instead specify their quantity before the item’s name. A Breeder may not own more than 6 Items at the same time. Owners of purple Dragons may carry 2 additional items from the start. Each Item has a Name, Type, Description and a Cost in Cookies. Only the owner of an Item may use it. The purpose and rules for an Item varies according to its Type and the actual item itself, as follows:

Potions: Items of this type may be used once, then their user removes them from their list of items. When the item is used, follow the instructions on the description of that item.
Talismans: Talismans are never used, they have effects that apply all the time. The description of the item specifies what kind of effect it has.
Artifacts: Items of the Artifact type can be used more than once, but may only be used as a weekly action. Their description contains instructions to follow when using them.

Create new rule “Item Shop”:

There exists a shop where Breeders may purchase items by spending cookies. All items that can be purchased from the shop are listed in this rule after this sentence, each one including their Name, Type, Cost and Description in that order (eg. Item - Type Cost: Description)

Blood Salve - Potion 20:
If used in battle, adds 10DICE3 to the User’s Dragon Heartbeat, or 15DICE3 if the user’s Dragon is Green.

Miracle Elixir - Potion 50:
If used in battle, adds 5DICE2 to each of your Dragon’s stats except Heartbeat during this turn and the next.

Resist Ring - Talisman 30:
If your Dragon where to take damage, it takes 1 less damage instead, or 2 less damages if the user’s Dragon is Silver.

Anger Crown - Talisman 60:
Whenever you use a move, your opponent takes 1DICE2 extra damage, or 3 if their user’s Dragon is Red.

Staff of Greed - Artifact 80:
Spend 10 Cookies. If you do, choose a stat other than Heartbeat. Your dragon’s chosen stat goes up by 2, or 3 if the user’s Dragon is Black.

Chromatic Wand - Artifact 120:
Change the color of your Dragon to any different valid color.

If the Backpack wiki document exists, blank it.

I decided to include the Item Shop inside a rule to prevent the item spawning shennigans from previous dynasties (where items could be created without having to pass them through a proposal) Right now there is no way to have more than 30 Cookies, but I plan for Cookies to be won through battles (and maybe we can bet items too)




09-24-2008 16:11:01 UTC

I like the idea of keeping everything together and putting items in the GNDT.  Is this not reasonable—is there some precedent from past dynasties I missed?



09-24-2008 18:50:04 UTC

for Truman, the pirate vs ninja dynasty had items and it became a mess. It, to be blunt, cause a sneak win.


09-24-2008 19:37:27 UTC

imperial -> for


09-24-2008 20:02:54 UTC

“Owners of purple Dragons may carry 2 additional items from the start.”?  So I could get a purple dragon that starts off holding a Chromatic Wand and an Anger Crown?  Please tell me I’m misinterpreting this.


09-24-2008 21:42:59 UTC

That is not my intention, and “A Breeder may own Items if a rule or proposal allows it” explicitly means that something has to tell you that an item can be owned before you can own it. If you guys think it can be confusing I’ll propose a fix


09-25-2008 15:35:30 UTC