Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Proposal: Final Costs

Reached quorum 2 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 May 2019 08:20:31 UTC

Reword “Endgame” to:-

A Contractor may Research any Posted Project if they are working at the same Site as the Project’s Location, and if they have not already Researched that Project, by paying the Project’s Components from their own Resources and increasing their Funds by $5B.

The Components of Atlantis Arcology are 1-2 T 1-2 C 1-2 I.
The Components of Orbital Ring of Earth are 2-2 R 3-6 T 1-3 I 2-3 P.
The Components of Timbuktu Irrigation are 2-2 R 2-2 B 1-1 P.
The Components of Jakarta Space Elevator are 2-3 T 2-3 E.
The Components of Trans-Atlantic Hypertube are 1-2 T 1-2 R 1-2 E.
The Components of Ceatan De-extinction are 3-5 B 1-3 P.
The Components of West Egypt Irrigation are 2-2 R 2-2 B 1-1 P.
The Components of L5 City are 1-3T 1-3R 2-4C 2-3B 2-4I.
The Components of Lunar Mines are 3-4 R 2-4 I.

Then resolve the Components of each Project as if they were resource ranges, replacing the Components for each Project in the Endgame rule with the corresponding result.

Saying to “resolve a resource range” in Endgame doesn’t actually do anything: I misread the mechanic as overwriting the originals in the ruleset, but it just generates an output with no instruction as to what to do with it.



05-16-2019 13:16:39 UTC