Thursday, July 29, 2021

Proposal: Final Fight

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 31 Jul 2021 08:45:35 UTC

If any of Proposal: The Everlasting Night Soon Ends, Proposal: The Crystal Dome or Proposal: One Last Ride were enacted, revert their effects.

Rewrite the rule Victory as follows:

No Vampire Lord may have the name Dracula, nor the name Richardo.

A Showdown is a single Denizen Encounter between Dracula and Richardo. By default, Dracula is considered to have 8 Brutality, and Richardo is considered to have 16 Energy in any Showdown; Richardo’s energy has no upper cap in this situation. The roll deciding a Showdown Encounter must be public.

At any time, a Vampire Lord may privately communicate with Richardo von Nestor their intent to Assist Richardo or Assist Dracula. The next time a Showdown takes place, Richardo must process each such message in order, from oldest to newest, reducing the Blood Mana Crystals of the sender at a rate of 1 Blood Mana Crystal per message, and disregarding the message for the purposes of subsequent steps if the sender doesn’t have any Blood Mana Crystals; he then increases Richardo’s Energy by the triangular number of the number of Assist Richardo messages he received, and he increases Dracula’s Brutality by 5 for each Assist Dracula messages he received.

If Richardo’s roll in a Showdown is higher than Dracula’s Brutality then Dracula is dust: the Vampire Lord with the most Blood Mana Crystals (selected randomly from any candidates tied for the highest number) has achieved Victory.

If Richardo’s roll in a Showdown is lower than Dracula’s Brutality then Dracula is ascendant; Richardo von Nestor must select a random Vampire Lord, with their chance weighted by the number of Blood Mana Crystals they have, and that Vampire Lord has achieved Victory.

If Richardo’s roll is equal to Dracula’s Brutality then roll again.

If it is August, then a Showdown is brewing in Zahndorf and Vampire Lords can take no dynastic actions other than Distilling, Assisting Richardo or Assisting Dracula. During August, Richardo von Nestor may take a Distilling action on behalf of any Vampire Lord, to spend that Vampire Lord’s Puissance and Influence and increase that Vampire Lord’s Blood Mana Crystals accordingly.

When the Crypt Awakens in August, run a Showdown, make a post to the blog summarising its events, and then immediately skip the rest of the Enter the Crypt Atomic Action.

A more flavourful conclusion.


Chiiika: she/her

29-07-2021 17:29:45 UTC

The optimal play is to do nothing, and try to convince other to support Dracula by this proposal. I love a flavourful ending, but doing nothing isn’t one of them, when compared to Dawning.


29-07-2021 17:34:48 UTC

This needs a tiebreak – the existing rule has one, but this removes it.

I haven’t run the numbers yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Assist actions were very niche, and optimal play for most people would be to not use them at all.

Also, Energy is capped at 12 for the purpose of Denizen Encounters, and I think that cap would still apply here, making Dracula almost certain to win.

Josh: he/they

29-07-2021 17:35:39 UTC

Yeah, that might be true. I can’t figure out how to make the economics of this compelling, such that it would provoke action…

Clucky: he/him

29-07-2021 18:18:51 UTC

ehhhhh I donno if I’m really into this.

Unless Chiiika can somehow get another 3 influence, this would enter with lemon and chiiika both at 7. Neither of them want to spend any BMC cause then they lose if Dracula is actually dusted. And rest of us don’t really benefit from spending BMC either.

Josh: he/they

29-07-2021 18:36:32 UTC

Yeah, I get it.

I’m leaving it up for the edit window in case I can think of a way to actually make it work but if I can’t I’ll probably sk

Kevan: City he/him

29-07-2021 19:14:21 UTC

This is a good stab at a strong narrative ending, I regret not trying for more of one with the Crystal Dome, now.

Dynasties do often end with the declarer putting some in-character “and so…” stuff in their DoV, though, and maybe that’s enough.

lemon: she/her

29-07-2021 23:29:03 UTC

i do like the flavour here

Chiiika: she/her

30-07-2021 06:20:20 UTC

In the current case, there are 3 batches of people: one with 7 BMC (Chiiika & lemon), one with 5 BMC (Jumble, Kevan, Clucky) and one with < 2 BMCs (Brendan)

Ones in the 7 BMC place will lose if they move.
Who’s in the 5 BMC have a incentive to push for a Dracula win, but if they themselves do it they will have less chance to win.
Those in the 2 BMC place will not move, as any move they do halves their win rate in a Dracula win.

Chiiika: she/her

30-07-2021 08:10:00 UTC

The edit people had ended. Sorry, Josh. against

Chiiika: she/her

30-07-2021 08:10:12 UTC


Josh: he/they

30-07-2021 08:12:41 UTC

Yeah it didn’t come to me. s/k against