Saturday, November 29, 2008

Final Seed of the Week

The Operation had been running smoothly for four days. Dr Marcus Shade smiled to himself as he walked up the ornate hallway of his home.
“Shade!” A voice came from an inner room.
“Yes, Sir…”
“How many units reached the Destination?”
“One thousand, as planned, Sir.”
“Good. Does anyone know too much?”
“No. Montgomery’s former partner, Mr Smith may be privy to some sensitive details. He seems to be worrying rather a bit. Those blasted DDF have taken him under their wing to protect him. Bah!”
“Remove him. Remove him before Christmas, or you face losing your livelihood, or your life…”
“I will consider a plan with my staff. Genevieve and Marconi will plan it, Carlton will execute. Before Christmas. Yes.”

Marcus remembered when Andrea joined Shade Industries as a secretary. She was working for the internet-hosting branch of the company, but was soon promoted to junior administration. She took to eavesdropping on the meetings of the senior staff, and began to learn of the power of SWAN. She learned that the web-hosting, stationery and arms-manufacturing branches of the company were all fronts for its real purpose…

He then thought of Jason Smith, unwillingly brought into the picture through his links to Andrea. He couldn’t be killed until the Operation was complete, or questions would be asked…

He walked out to his Bentley, got in and headed towards the town. All along 1st Street preparations were being made for the ‘Christmas Fayre’ on December 23rd. He spoke to his handsfree telephone.

“Dial Genevieve”
“Dr Shade, sir?”
“We need to get Smith out of DDF so that he will be accessible. I want you and Marconi to infiltrate the Headquarters and find the control panel marked ‘Planar Shift’. Move the Headquarters into Plane 327-A. It should leave Jason Smith behind. He will have no choice but to return to his home.”
“Yes, sir. We’re on it.”
“Good. Let it be done…”



29-11-2008 20:34:13 UTC

Better act quick Rodlen, they’re going to eliminate the Headquarters!

Really, I have no idea what’s going on. Someone else can decide who/what the mysterious voice is, what the red packages are, what the Swan means and what the true motive behind everything is.


29-11-2008 20:43:31 UTC