Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Proposal: Fixing the Spacecraft Register

Passed 6-1—jay

Adminned at 06 Jun 2008 15:04:18 UTC

Implement the following changes to the Spacecraft Register wiki page:

Create a heading “Spacecraft” at the top of the page.

Create a heading “Equipment” at the bottom of the page.

Add the following text under the heading “Equipment”:

*Light Defence Laser (weapon): Size 1, Power 1
A weak weapon, used as a last resort by most.

*Bargain Armor (armor): Size 1, Armor 1
Gained for a really, really low price.  Wow.

*Orbitus XVI Thrusters (propulsion): Size 70, Speed 1000
Custom-made thrusters for the Orbitus XVI.  Very powerful, but they still only move the Orbitus slightly.

*Heavy Defence Laser (weapon): Size 3, Power 4
A cost-efficient option for small craft armament.

*Heavy Rocket Array (weapon): Size 30, Power 15
An increasingly outdated but nonetheless effective large-scale weapons system.

*Light Armor (armor): Size 10, Armor 5
Cheap and effective, but not the best size investment.

*Light Powered Armor (armor): Size 10, Armor 10
Electromagnetic physics abuse make for a more powerful hull.

*Layered Titanium Hull (armor): Size 30, Armor 10
Despite being expansive, titanium hulls provide no more protection than much smaller counterparts.

*Ion Drive (propulsion): Size 5, Speed 250
A weak but compact method of propulsion.

*Rocket Engine (propulsion): Size 10, Speed 500
Rocket-propelled propulsion allows superior maneouvrability over more efficient options.

Add a Heavy Defence Laser, Light Powered Armor and Rocket Engine to the Awesome Deathship.

Since the DDA Mothership was the problem last time, I will let someone else make a proposal for that.



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Darknight: HE/HIM

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against And now you’re trying to nick my damn exp… arrgh.


06-04-2008 09:25:42 UTC

for sanity


06-04-2008 13:43:00 UTC

You’re just mad that I beat you to it.


06-04-2008 17:52:48 UTC

Oh, sorry for living in the wrong TIMEZONE.


06-04-2008 18:20:40 UTC

Hey, if you had time to write that post about why your other proposal should have passed, then you had time to repropose it without the DDA Mothership stuff.