Monday, December 29, 2008

Proposal: For the purpose of adminning


Adminned at 30 Dec 2008 11:28:21 UTC

Change the phrase “and to inform the other Citizens of GNO” in GNO rule 7 Shhhh to “and to inform the other Citizens of GNO, as well as Blognomic admins,”



29-12-2008 02:58:04 UTC


since when do other blognomic admins get to admin GNO proposals, and also, since when does it matter, as proposals from other factions can be enacted in any order


29-12-2008 02:58:35 UTC

or rather, the oldest BLO proposal can be enacted with a GNO proposal still hangin around

Elias IX:

29-12-2008 03:00:22 UTC



29-12-2008 04:04:41 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

29-12-2008 04:19:43 UTC


Cayvie, since the passage of the rule that allowed admins to enact GNO proposals, oh and if a GNO is the oldest pending proposal, at which point it needs to be enacted in order for a non-faction proposal to be enacted.

So yea, it’s a good rule.


29-12-2008 04:48:11 UTC

“since when do other blognomic admins get to admin GNO proposals”

Since always.  All core rules are counted as part of each of the faction rulesets.  The core rules allow all Blognomic admins to admin proposals.  Those core rules are part of all three faction rulesets.

Therefore, admins can admin proposals.


29-12-2008 04:52:44 UTC

If my interpretation is incorrect, than admins for each faction need to be made, as obviously Blognomic admins would have no admin power in the factions.


29-12-2008 04:57:56 UTC


arthexis: he/him

29-12-2008 05:26:17 UTC

for I think this is bad for GNO people, but this is good for me since I’m an admin!

SingularByte: he/him

29-12-2008 09:59:28 UTC

Even though I don’t really like the Shhhh rule, I’m going to vote against


29-12-2008 15:38:48 UTC

against .

The GNO faction has four capable admins.  There have been dynasties in which there were fewer active admins.

Amnistar: he/him

29-12-2008 15:59:54 UTC

Then those 4 active admins need to, indeed, be active and pass the proposals and keep the queue from backing up.


29-12-2008 18:19:25 UTC

Technically, shouldn’t this be a [GNO] faction post, since it affects the GNO ruleset?


29-12-2008 20:35:47 UTC

Escher: It doesn’t have to be.  Plus, it was made by Rodlen, who is not a GNO member.


29-12-2008 22:47:35 UTC



30-12-2008 19:28:01 UTC

veto Self veto.