Monday, December 15, 2008

Story Post: Forks in the roads

Hilario Vandenbergh puffed his cigar and, for a moment, indulged his own vanity: The chaos that people of his ilk had to manage to their own profit, like the task of wrestling a bull to the ground, was beautiful in the challenge it posed. But a challenge is, to the strong and smart, an opportunity.

He could plainly see that the end game was in progress—timelines were overlapping, dimensions were being crossed, people were being hurled through time only to wind up in different dimensions… depending on where you looked Jason Smith was alive, dead, a secret agent, a double agent, a giraffe, or on a Caribbean island with Andre Montgomery, having absconded with hundreds of thousands in tax refunds months ago.

In short, a glory mess of things was being made.

Another thing was clear to Hilario. The much-feared dimensional cascade had occurred. In the future, perhaps the one this Hilario was familiar with, someone had trifled with powers beyond their understanding. The effects were proving enormous.

The damage was already done. The only question remained: Who would trigger it? And to what end? Perhaps Vandenbergh himself, that self-styled Captain of the Chronautic Industries, had triggered it. Perhaps a time-traveling porpoise had. The crossing of dimensions and time had had more curious effects in the past.

The past. A quaint concept, he muttered to himself.



15-12-2008 04:56:03 UTC

Explaining the mess that just happened, I see.