Thursday, December 01, 2005

Game in Limbo

Hey there haven’t been enough votes on the Declaration of Victory. It currently stands at 4-2, so Angry Grasshopper or Excalabur could decide what to do with it. Or some of you quieter Deities could voice an opinion on it.



01-12-2005 18:51:17 UTC

Incidentally, quorum is 5, with 9 players, and not 6.

I’d change it with my magical admin powers, but I really would like to wait until I feel more comfortable with the new site before doing stuff like that.


02-12-2005 02:04:48 UTC

That one is /easy/.  Just modify the ‘playerlist’ template.  If you’re adding player’s links to the sidebar, you can find out their ID no. by hovering over any post/comment ey’ve made.