Saturday, November 05, 2005

General rulebreaking

>a single Power may never be used to affect a particular City, Incarnation or Deity more than often…

Chronos, I don’t think that you can use any Power more than often in the same City. As a side-effect, I don’t think that you can legally create two Temples in one City in the same day with the same Power, at least the way the ruleset currently reads.

(edit: After reading through the revisions, I can see that you didn’t actually use Glimpse twice in Ur, but something more subtle. Perhaps it would be easiest for all of us if we put some notice on the front page when we use Powers? I was very confused at first trying to sort out what actually happened.)



06-11-2005 04:17:08 UTC

It was one Glimpse, and 1 Adoration. And that is what the revision field in the wiki is for. But I’m ok with posting to the front page what I’m doing.