Sunday, December 21, 2008

Proposal: [GNO]  Voynich Manuscript

Timed out, 3 - 0
Enacted by Elias IX.

Adminned at 23 Dec 2008 16:35:31 UTC

Add a rule to the GNO ruleset entitled “Shhhh” with the following text:

If the body of a proposal begins with the text “SHHHH”, then the remainder shall be considered to be encrypted in the official encryption method of GNO.  However, when these proposals are enacted, they shall be enacted as if they had been decrypted.  It is the responsibility of the Demiurge to choose the official encryption method of GNO and to inform the other Citizens of GNO how to encrypt and decrypt proposals.

Add a GNDT column named Position.  Set Bucky’s Position value to Supreme Being.  Set Cayvie’s Position value to Demiurge. These positions have already been decided in an official election, this is just to make it easier to see who is what

Add a GNDT column named Class.

Add the sentence

Classes are kept track of in the Class column in the GNDT.

to the end of the rule entitled Citizen Classes.



21-12-2008 23:32:47 UTC

i set it up the way it is just to make sure we agreed on a particular encryption method.

if you’ve got one you’d particularly like, feel free to drop me a PM.


21-12-2008 23:58:09 UTC

against on the Position column.  I’d prefer to keep track of that information directly in the Ruleset.  I’m FOR everything else in here.


22-12-2008 00:11:41 UTC

out of curiosity, why?


22-12-2008 01:45:10 UTC

Cayvie, how would this actually work? Provide an example, if you would.


22-12-2008 03:17:10 UTC

Because we won’t want the GNDT to get too cluttered.  And:

˙ǝʇıs qǝM uoıʇdʎɹɔǝp/uoıʇdʎɹɔuǝ uɐ ƃuısn ʇsǝƃƃns p,I


22-12-2008 07:46:00 UTC

well, yes.

that is how i planned on doing it.

Amnistar: he/him

23-12-2008 01:18:46 UTC

actually, I’m all for the Position colum, if you guys make it, MIC will probably end up using it too.


23-12-2008 17:25:01 UTC

Actually, CoV for .

Elias IX:

23-12-2008 20:25:57 UTC



Of the 6 GNO citizens:
3 have voted FOR
3 are abstaining