Saturday, December 20, 2008

Proposal: Good Leadership

Times Out at 4-2-0 Oze

Adminned at 22 Dec 2008 01:24:40 UTC

If the Proposal titled “An Afterthought” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

In the MIC Faction Ruleset,

Replace the text of “Needless Bureaucracy” with:

WHEREAS the Government of the People’s Republic of MIC knows that it is best to avoid confusion concerning rules;
WHEREAS structure provides a means to avoid confusion;

THEREFORE all proposals pertaining to the MIC ruleset must comply to the regulations of the subrules of “Needless Bureaucracy” or be considered illegaland failed immediately.

Replace the text of “Proper Reasoning” with:

WHEREAS the intent of a rule can be unclear from the specific wording;
WHEREAS a misunderstanding of the rules can lead to strife;

THEREFORE all proposed rules must include a proper explanation for why such a rule is needed, and what the rule is designed to acheive.

Replace the text of “The Party” with:

WHEREAS all good factions need Government;
WHEREAS communism is the fairest form of Government;

THEREFORE The People’s Republic of Mic shall be governed by The Party.

Create a new subrule of “The Party” - “Organization” with the text:

WHEREAS all governments need organization;
WHEREAS organization requires that individuals perform duties beyond those of The People;

THEREFORE there exists the positions of Vizier of Propaganda, the Vizier of Issues and the Chairman.

Create a new subrule of “Organization” - “Chairman” with the text:

WHEREAS it is time consuming to poll all of The People;
WHEREAS The Will of The People is embodied in the Chairman;

THEREFORE the Chairman may, at anytime, give, or revoke the titles of Vizier of Propaganda and Vizier of Issues to any Citizen of MIC.  No more than one Citizen of MIC may hold of these positions. If at any time more than either position is held by more than one Citizen of MIC, All Citizens that share the same positions shall immediately lose these positions.
THEREFORE the Chairman may, at any time, resign their position and appoint another Citizen of MIC as the Chairman. Should the Chairman leave the People’s Republic of Mic without resigning their position and appointing another Citizen of MIC as the Chairman, that Citizen automatically ceases to be the Chairman, and the Citizen of MIC whose name comes next in alphabetical order becomes the new Chairman.

Create a new subrule of “Organization” - “Vizier of Propaganda” with the text:

WHEREAS it is important to ensure that infromation is properly disseminated;
WHEREAS control cannot be maintened without supervision;

THEREFORE the Vizier of Propaganda is given the express power to proclaim a proposal “Loyal” or “Disloyal” concerning the People.

Create a new subrule of “Organization” - “Vizier of Issues” with the text:

WHEREAS there are times when the good of The People is not obvious to The People;
WHEREAS the Vizier of Issues is trained to fortell such;

THEREFORE the Vizier of Issues may VETO any proposal deemed Disloyal by the Vizier of Propaganda.

I modified it a tiny bit. We still need to choose a Chairman.


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