Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Story Post: [Group] Breaking and Entering

I join Group 3 (Diabecko’s group).

Note that due to faulty wording, just the request itself lets me join, via “A Failed Experiment may change groups by posting a Story Post with the [Group] tag that specifies one and only one group the Failed Experiment wants to join (using the group’s index).”

It’s similar to how this works, same wording: “A Failed Experiment with no Abilities may acquire two different Abilities by increasing their own Suspicion by the total of the Abilities’ Manifest costs, and making a blog post describing the acquisition of these Abilities.”



20-12-2017 17:11:57 UTC

I agree the “may change groups by” gives one way to change groups, but the ruleset does not give another way, so the mechanic by which you changed groups does not actually exist. Just because someone says “you may buy a ticket to New York for three dollars” does not mean you can buy it for another sum, or without paying at all.

So for me your action is not legal (and any other you might have done through this reasoning).


20-12-2017 17:13:08 UTC

(my example should have read “you may buy a ticket to New York by paying three dollars”)


20-12-2017 17:16:14 UTC

Ok I just realised I totally misunderstood your reasoning, and yes you are correct.


20-12-2017 18:04:57 UTC