Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas according to Blognomic Rules, so… Merry Secular Holidays again to everybody! I hope you’re having a cool holiday, no matter where you are and what you believe in :)



18-12-2008 17:29:13 UTC

Heck, even non-Christians celebrate Christmas, with the exception of most Jews. I’m an atheist, and I still celebrate it.


18-12-2008 18:07:40 UTC

Me too.


18-12-2008 18:08:56 UTC

I also celebrate Yule because I have Wiccan family.

Hello Sailor:

18-12-2008 20:11:17 UTC

If “not refusing Christmas gifts from others, alongside feeling some obligation to reciprocate gift-giving towards certain family members” counts as celebrating, then I also fall in this category.


18-12-2008 20:35:46 UTC

Perhaps we should have a mini-Blognomic game over Christmas:

“Blognomic Festivus!”