Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello again

Hokay, back.

So when’s the next dynasty start? :P

edit: Also, I announce my arrival.



16-12-2008 00:51:18 UTC

You know, you could have just used a proposal.


16-12-2008 03:41:40 UTC

Actually, isn’t this technically illegal?

“A single person may not control more than one Characters within BlogNomic.”

Since they are both actually characters (one active and one idle), this would qualify as a single person controlling more than one character.


16-12-2008 03:42:31 UTC

By the way, that was from rule 1.2 “Characters”.


16-12-2008 03:58:21 UTC

Well, the rule has been violated before.  Myke and Geran.


16-12-2008 03:59:42 UTC

Yes, but we also did not realize it until he anounced it in the history section.  Here, he is anouncing it immediately.


16-12-2008 04:05:24 UTC

“If anybody is suspected of controlling more than one Character, then a Proposal may be made to remove any number of such Character from the game, and to bar the perpetrator from rejoining. “

Lets remove Tusho and not bar Zuff.


16-12-2008 04:06:33 UTC

Apparently, you posted that comment just after or just before my proposal post… lol.

Kevan: he/him

16-12-2008 11:59:40 UTC

This is even more technically illegal, from “Anybody may apply to join BlogNomic (if he is not already playing) by…” at the start of Rule 1.2 (assuming that “playing” means “has a character”).

Zuff’s request to become an active player should really have been rejected.


16-12-2008 13:08:00 UTC

But I left the game in the previous message.


16-12-2008 15:21:43 UTC

Well, idle people are not really playing, are they?


16-12-2008 16:26:10 UTC

... Technicalities!

Kevan: he/him

16-12-2008 20:16:35 UTC

Oh, good point, you did actually leave the game, rather than just idling out. So Tusho shouldn’t even be on the idle list.