Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Helping out the family!

Dear JOSHTECK family,

I think we should show everyone, that JOSHTECK, an open-mindes company and community, is better than a selfish monopolist. (Well, with our help he is not a monopolost anymore. Thanks, Sir Josh!) I encourage you, the family members, to offer better trades for us. Together we can reach each status we want to. Would be even nice, mostly for our appearance, if we would all raide this week. These few guards will not stop the family, will they?

I have invented a Cogmold recently - for the family of course. As I wanted you to profit from my new power, just give me n Iron and you will receive n - 2 Cogs. I will only win one Cog by doing so. And it‘s my part to power this invention… So this should be fair. But this offer is only for our family. :) We need to be a strong community!

Also, to be a fair Commoner, there is another trade offer for everyone else: For n Iron I will give you n - 3 Cogs. That’s even cheaper than Sir Purplebeard‘s Cog Trade Offer. (*whisper* Sir Purplebeard is the incarnation of the dark. Do not trust him though.)

Finally, do you, the family members, have any other family plans? I will be the last one, who will stop such plans! Just tell me (and the other ones, of course!)

Kind regards, Sir Keba.

PS: I know I am not a family member yet. But I am quite sure, I will be one later…

Don’t be upset Purplebeard. I never wanted to have such fight, it was your choice ;)


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