Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hey you!

First, if editing the templates, do so in a non-crufty-manner.  We have a stylesheet for a reason.  Use it.  We have comments in the templates for a reason: don’t delete them.

Second, if you’re going to leave a comment somewhere, bloody well sign the thing, and preferably date it.  It’s no use saying ‘I can’t find X’ if you don’t say WHO YOU ARE.

So whoever put stylesheet type stuff in the header since they couldn’t find the template: use the template “stylesheet”!

(That comment may have been left months ago: so whoever left it in the header file: go fix whatever TF you did: I don’t want to figure it out).

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Angry Grasshopper:

02-04-2007 05:02:29 UTC

What’s up with the header file?

—AG, resident master of cruft


02-04-2007 12:42:25 UTC

If you’re talking about the film-strip dotted border thing; that was me, I was just throwing up a temporary text title until someone got around to drawing an image, and it didn’t seem worth cluttering the stylesheet with a class that’d become obsolete.

The comment I deleted was, I thought, an obsolete image that someone had just commented out. Sorry if it was something more important and I misread it.


02-05-2007 04:50:09 UTC

Kevan: true, but /most/ of our stylesheet goes obsolete all the time, and it’ll be hard to find.

And an example of where-and-how to put an image in is often useful.


02-05-2007 14:06:46 UTC

What will be hard to find? And how am I supposed to know that a commented out image tag is a useful placeholder rather than someone’s temporary and forgotten tinkering?


02-05-2007 16:39:24 UTC

Because /other/ people are supposed to comment, too.  :)

Sorry, it took 75th Trombone and I ages to get the templates even sorta-not-krufty when we moved over from blogspot, so I’d like to see them stay that way.


02-05-2007 19:51:23 UTC

Decruftified. I added a section to the top of the template CSS for current-Dynasty classes.