Wednesday, February 27, 2008

High Noon

It’s time to settle this!  Aaronwinborn, I challenge you to a duel at high noon.



02-27-2008 02:26:30 UTC

Jack downs a shot of whiskey at the saloon, then walks out into the street to await his arch-nemesis.


02-27-2008 14:07:50 UTC

Here’s the chance to redeem myself: I accept.

Since I’m yellow, though, you get the first shot. I’m not even sure if we figure my Quick Draw; the rules seem a bit unclear on that detail to me.


02-27-2008 23:09:55 UTC

Jack notes that Aaronwinborn left his shot of Whiskey undrunken on the bar, and thinks that this will be quick.  He takes aim against his yellow opponent and doesn’t miss… his thigh.  [DICE2:1]  He seemed to have not taken into account Aaronwinborn being five feet taller than him.  Anyway, he grabs his wallet and takes out a grand total of… $35?  [DICE1370:35]  The varmit seemed to have stashed his money somewhere else.  Jack stalks off grumpily…