Friday, December 19, 2008

Hilario-us results

Our final installment.

11:55 PM

Hilario threw the switch.

The machine rumbled to life. And then…


It failed. Catastrophically.

Shade and Hilario Vandenbergh ran through the cavern to escape the coming blast. It’s too bad they would never appreciate the irony; the DDF agents hadn’t caused the unique piece of flebotnum ore code-named “Black Swan” to be fused to a higher energy state—they had rendered it useless altogether!

The ARCTIC device was ruined.

Hilario Vandenbergh’s plans were ruined.

Marcus Shade remained a man lost in time.

There was no cross-dimensional shifting of Earth’s lifeforms.

And Jason Smith stayed right where he was when the meteorite came crashing down nearby.

The impact blast acted like a bomb; shards of glass from a storefront, bits of metal from a vehicle, branches from a tree, they all were hurled about in the ensuing shockwave.

Begin Broadcast…

“Hello? Hello, Meagan. This is Tim Eager reporting live. Grim news on the shore front today, where a meteorite of all things has struck this sleepy village unexpectedly. Jason Smith lies dead on the side of the street, covered in blood spilling from countless wounds covering his lifeless body…

Fade to black.



19-12-2008 00:54:39 UTC

Note: This is legal because the Plot Summary page is no longer a Gamestate document (the metadynasty has actually started and all dynastic rules have been repealed).


19-12-2008 01:02:50 UTC

The secret rule worked out perfectly for my plotting purposes.

The DDF succeeds (Rodlen has the highest score) but still ends up killing Jason Smith (they forced him out of town, they damaged the ore, which would have caused a dimensional shift in the nick of time to save him had it maintained its integrity).


19-12-2008 03:06:30 UTC

Yoda:When did the dynastic rules get repealed?  The rule “The End” doesn’t say to repeal any rules.