Saturday, January 27, 2018

Proposal: Hoarders and Fibreboarders

48 hours old and can’t be enacted, failed by card

Adminned at 30 Jan 2018 02:53:58 UTC

Change “When an item listed as Consumable would be put into a hand slot, it is instead not put into that slot, and the Resident whose slot it is may apply its effect at that time (with themselves as its User).” to

An item listed as Consumable may be consumed (If possible) as a Craction, destroying the item and enacting the effect.

Change the description and name of Tinned Food to:

Canned Food: If the user has a Can Opener, they may replace this item with Food, discarding the Canned Food.

Change “Choose whether or not to take one Craction that they are able to take.” to:

Choose whether or not to take from 0 up to 3 cractions that they are able to take.

Change, in the description of Lockbox, “Between 1 and 6” to:

Any number below 7 and above 0

Change “As a Craction which can only be taken in the same atomic action as removing the last item from a Crate, a Resident may add a Fibreboard item to their hands slot.” to

As a Craction which can only be taken in the same atomic action as discarding a Crate, a Resident may add a Fibreboard item to their hands slot.

Clearing up wording and trying to keep it turn based with the possibility of keeping tinned food (and other consumables) like it keeps in real life, and improve possibilities for cractions. More or less cractions may be necessary, I just pulled 3 out of my butt. Also I like fibreboard and I want a million of it.



01-28-2018 00:39:10 UTC

It was a bad idea to post this now, I’m going to go for more than 6 hours, in a moment. Pull anything good out and feel free to propose it better if this ends up failing due to something I missed.


01-28-2018 05:45:23 UTC

blgonomic uses simple english, so I’m not sure your lockbox fix is necessary.
too many cractions, if someone has the crowbar that’s between 3 to 6 damage a crate; maybe if health was scaled up or damage scaled down.


01-28-2018 05:45:45 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

01-28-2018 14:34:05 UTC

against Per card.


01-29-2018 18:03:35 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

01-29-2018 20:04:37 UTC

Also there’s no atomic action that involves discarding a Crate, so this makes Fibreboard even less attainable.

The Consumable modification is neat, but we should be careful about encouraging stockpiling, if it’s too tempting to save everything until you can get the most advantage from it. I’ll have a go at reproposing.