Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How about this?

Lemme know what you think. Does this make getting Tomes hard enough?

Create a sub rule of rule 2.7 called Discovering Tomes.

Occasionally, a student may make a comment to the GNDT of “Researching Level X: DICE20 DICE20”. This is a Strenuous action. Upon doing so, e must lower eir mythos level by X. (And thus, a student must have mythos level of at least X in order to Research Level X).

If both dice results are equal to or below X, a new tome is discovered. The student who did the researching must choose any available tome(a tome is considered available if it is currently part of a Tome Discovery Post, and is not currently owned by another student)  and make a post to blog titled “A Tome has been Discovered!”. The subject of the “Tome Discovery” post must contain the name of the tome which the student has chosen.

For the next 48 hours, any student may add a comment to the Tome Discovery Post of “BID: X” or “SUPPORT (name of another student): X”. X is the amount of Sanity they are willing to pay in exchange for the tome.

A comment of “BID: X” is called a Bid. Each successive bid(plus all supporting bids for the bidding student) must be greater than the sum of bid placed by the previous student plus all supporting bids for that student.
A comment of “SUPPORT (name of another student): X” is called a Supporting Bid. Supporting Bid’s add to the bid of the student named by the Supporting Bid.

A student may support the same person in two supporting bids. When this happens, both supporting bids are counted.

Neither Bids nor Supporting Bids can be withdrawn. A student cannot name eimself in a supporting bid.

After 48 hours, the bidding is said to have entered its second stage. While in its second stage, if there is a period of four hours in which no bid takes place, then the bidding is said to have ended and the tome is given to the holder of the highest total bid.(The bid of that student plus the bid of all supports) and the appropriate sanity value is removed from the bidders.

If 48 go by and no one places a bid, the tome is given to the student who did the research, free of charge.

Create a new subrule of 2.1 called “Brain Death”.

Any student with below -500 sanity is said to be Brain Dead. If they do not raise their sanity above -500 in 72 hours, that student is added to the lost list

(This is to prevent bidding from going onto infinity).



14-11-2006 22:19:49 UTC

No, there’s no incentive to search for Tomes.  I think starting Auctions should be Rodney’s responsability.

Also, some of us don’t log on every 4 hours, so that the bidding may end while we still want to bid more.

I was under the opinion that the practical minimum sanity was -100.

Finally, the “Reading the Play” spell would allow one to bid as much sanity as one wants in the second stage of bidding with no consequences.


22-11-2006 12:34:11 UTC

There is an incentive to research.  If you know you want a Tome and you think you’ll outbid everyone else, you research it.

All Bucky’s other comments are valid, and they can all be fixed: longer bidding period, replace “-500” with “-100”, add a further exemption to the consequences of Reading the Play that covers auctions.

If my proposal of elected librarians succeeds, suggestions like Clucky’s could form the text of a “Make XXXX librarian” proposal.  In other words, they’d be manifestos.