Friday, April 27, 2018

Declaration of Victory: I am not entirely sure myself so I’m asking you guys.

Timed out 0 votes to 3 after 48 hours. Failed by Kevan. Hiatus ends.

Adminned at 29 Apr 2018 19:20:56 UTC

I win because pedantry and Whitespaces (possibly).

The string would be ” Super Treasure.”, as in “[whitespace]Super Treasure.” (which neither of Kevan’s posts have) because of:

The Super Treasure contains the following text string: Super Treasure.



Kevan: he/him

27-04-2018 15:16:57 UTC

“The Super Treasure contains the following text string: Super Treasure.”

The ruleset tells us that the Super Treasure is a string that contains that particular substring, but does not tell us what the whole Super Treasure is.

” Super Treasure.” is a valid Super Treasure, just as “Bonus Super Treasure…?” and many other strings would be. But the ruleset doesn’t clarify which value the Super Treasure actually takes.


27-04-2018 15:24:23 UTC

I assume that the earliest is ” Super Treasure.” due to that null string seems to be the alphabetically soonest.

“A” goes before “Aa” and whatnot.

Again, I don’t know the rules of language in-depth enough to tell, though.

Kevan: he/him

27-04-2018 15:32:11 UTC

If a whitespace was considered to precede A for alphabetical ordering (which I don’t think it would), ” AaaSuper Treasure.” would still appear in the dictionary ahead of ” Super Treasure.”


27-04-2018 15:59:40 UTC

Ah, true. Oh well.


27-04-2018 16:04:23 UTC

against Anyways

Kevan: he/him

27-04-2018 16:32:47 UTC

against As above; I don’t think ” Super Treasure.” is the Super Treasure.


27-04-2018 17:10:12 UTC

against see my comment on Kevan’s DoV