Thursday, November 30, 2006

I challenge Thrawn


I think I see what your plan is.  I’ve moved Pluto into Scorpio, which I suppose you’ll find helpful.  But it also means a sort of time limit, since it could move again in seven days and things will become harder for you.

You would like to choose a free Tome, yes?  If either of your suggestions for Tomes succeeds, you can get one that way.  But maybe they won’t, and anyway accepting this challenge would be quicker.  Plus Soul Duel sounds so much cooler than Promotional Offer.




01-12-2006 08:06:57 UTC

I accept.
I won’t get a free tome as soon, however, as Tome Raider might not pass for a while…


01-12-2006 08:10:13 UTC

You are lost.


01-12-2006 12:31:47 UTC

Damn!  I salute your bravery, and draw your attention to Bucky’s librarian rule number 4.


02-12-2006 00:22:17 UTC

I take The King in Yellow.