Saturday, February 18, 2012

Proposal: I swear one of these days I’m gonna pull the power switch

0-5 and S-K. ~~ChronosPhaenon

Adminned at 19 Feb 2012 18:43:21 UTC

If Proposal “Cover Show” at fails, ignore the following rule changes.

In rule “Cover Show”, replace “If there is not currently a pending Cover Show posted, and if” with “If”.
In rule “Tour”, replace “If there is not currently a pending Tour posted, and if” with “If”.

Append to rule “Fame”: “No Tour or Cover Show may be initiated while a Tour or Cover Show is pending.”

Wanted to word it as “No more than one Tour or Cover Show may be pending” but that wouldn’t cover the issue. How about “Tour and Cover Show are [generic flavour name]. No more than one [generic flavour name] may be pending at a time.”?
Also I hope “append to rule fame” means “happen to rule fame before its subrules”.



18-02-2012 01:45:54 UTC

for The [generic flavour name] can be “Story Post”. And don’t need to limit the posting of Story Posts to one at a time, you may just mandate that Story Posts must be resolved in the order they were posted.


18-02-2012 03:36:22 UTC

against I don’t think Cover Show posters should be able to block Tours.

Darknight: he/him

18-02-2012 04:10:57 UTC



18-02-2012 13:30:39 UTC

Well the main issue in my opinion is a Cover Show has to be pending for 48 hours before it becomes solvable.

How about “they must be resolved in the order in which they became solvable”?
This way if a Tour is initiated less than 48 hours after a Cover Show, it must be resolved first.


18-02-2012 18:24:27 UTC

Seems good to me.


18-02-2012 19:19:54 UTC

against cov


19-02-2012 15:20:05 UTC



19-02-2012 21:28:08 UTC

against self-killed to be replaced with