Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Aleron and Clucky go idle after seven days of inactivity, leaving us without a Sandbox Master, and with Rodlen as the sole Ascendant.

Quorum drops to 8.



16-02-2011 15:46:03 UTC

...wait, what?

...I’m winning?  ME?  I just joined and I haven’t even taken a single action…


16-02-2011 17:26:50 UTC

Unless you pick up a twig, or someone lowers you CP, to -4 or less, then yes, you win. I could, make it a tie ... but then I still wouldn’t win. If the delinquiant with highest CP would win, I’d try to mess with it, but at I have a really high CP and no way to be obediant, *shrug* oh well. If I had more time perhaps.


16-02-2011 17:29:59 UTC

Kinda lame, since I was attacking the spider, but I didn’t propose anything to change it either.

There are a few ways things could change, but I don’t see it happening in time.